The Materials

Your Callioza Art Frame (CAF) consists of a high-quality textile print in a luxurious aluminum frame. The material absorbs the light and this gives you razor-sharp and very detailed prints. Decotex is characterized by strong colors, a long lifespan and also has a B1 certificate. The frame is available in the colors silver, black and white. You always need an aluminum frame to stretch the canvas. A silicone tendon is attached to the fabric, which is eventually pressed into the frame, tensioning the fabric and holding it in place. Due to the large size and to prevent damage, we can deliver your Callioza Art Frame unassembled. You can easily assemble it with the help of the manual. By means of the handy suspension system, the frame is attached directly to the wall with the supplied wall brackets. The frame consists of 4 sides and 4 corner pieces that you can easily screw together.  TailoredAll orders are custom made, so it takes an average of 8 working days to deliver your order. The cloth is easy to change and can be ordered separately. Ideal for a change! The wrinkle-free material of the cloth makes it easy to store it folded. Is there a stain on your cloth? no problem, the cloths can be washed cold. All Callioza canvases are fire-retardant, which makes them an excellent solution for wall decoration in busy areas.  Acoustic dampingAcoustic panels make the perfect place for you. A 'hard' interior has a long reverberation and arouses irritation and fatigue. With acoustic panels you get a quieter, but also for a personalized environment. The acoustic material consists of 90% cotton fibers from recycled jeans. Sound waves are well absorbed by these long fibers.