African Women

The artwork in question is a part of a series titled AI. This series dives into the figurative depiction of advanced technology and artificial intelligence in modern society. Each piece within this particular collection features vibrant colors and bold lines that give it a distinctive contemporary feel while also being able to engage with complex topics through intricate details. Overall, the “AI” series is an impressive body of work that speaks volumes about the growing impact of technology on our lives from an artistic perspective.

Select a frame size please


The frame
Also called panel frame, gives panel materials an extra luxurious look and a beautiful finish. The frames are made of wood and have a visible wood grain structure.

Different materials

The black frame is suitable for 2 panel materials: Dibond® premium and Plexiglas clear. You can also provide Dibond® premium with a coating (matt or glossy). The special coating provides more intense colors and provides extra protection. Due to the coating, the material is not damaged by environmental factors and can be cleaned with a detergent.

Hanging plates
Orders without a frame are supplied with mounting plates. Baking frames are delivered complete with hanging system

Fully assembled
We ship your frame with panel fully assembled. This way you can hang the frame right away. (Including hanging hooks with serrated edges and screws, so that it is easier to hang your frame straight.)

Within 6 working days. Note that artworks with wooden frame take 2 working days longer.

Are you still hesitant about the format, material or variety of the work? Submit photos of your interior and get a digital preview on your wall with no obligation. Our interior stylists can also advise you.


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